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A warm welcome to Creative-Arts-Psychotherapy, the psychotherapy service which aims to make creative arts psychotherapy more accessible to individuals, groups and young people. 

Attending therapy for the first time may be a difficult step for you because of possible feelings of stigma around mental health (especially for men), being seen as weak or unable to cope, feelings that there is something wrong with you or just not knowing what to expect; at Creative-arts-psychotherapy I am here to dispel these worries. I believe attending therapy is all about your well-being, self exploration and self development as well as learning new strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with difficult and complex events in your life.

The therapy is always client lead and conducted in a comfortable, welcoming, relaxed and completely confidential environment.

Dealing with many of life’s difficult issues and events such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or illness can leave us with feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. However there can be many reasons why life may leave us with feelings of unrest, dissatisfaction or unhappiness. It could be issues at work, with family or friends, uncertainty in the future or coming to terms with something from the past. Sometimes talking with those closest to you may not be the easiest option as you may feel guarded in what you say and not want to upset or offend those you care about. It could be a difficult subject to approach. 

Coming to therapy or counselling can be daunting and I understand even making contact can be difficult.  My aim is to offer you a confidential environment where you will feel respected, not judged and safe.  I work with you as an individual working towards a more settled and fulfilling life.

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