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'Dan has a very open and calming presence when meeting. I came to him at a very heavy, end of the road point in my life. By allowing a non judgmental, open atmosphere in order for me to express what I had been going through, and by listening, he helped me begin another road to a more positive outlook that I hadn't thought possible before. His ability to listen and communicate in a naturally engaging manner is a skill that is very welcome. Dan has been an awesome person in helping me deal with the heaviness that has been in my life, and the catalyst to me seeing a brighter future. I can't thank him enough' Jim

''Dan was a great therapist, he is very kind, helpful, caring and understanding. I have been on his service over a year and felt that I have someone to talk to, holding my back through the journey of life and not alone. He helped me to get through very difficult time and have a better understanding of my self and other's point of view. He is very creative and bring materials in to the therapy which I found that is very productive. I have a very busy life style and my schedule is very difficult , but Dan always make it possible for our session. I am feeling very grateful and would love to go back to him again when I have a chance.'' S.B.

"I approached Dan at a difficult time, when I felt I had too much on my plate. He helped me voice my feelings - including the uncomfortable ones I tend to brush under the carpet - and take a fresh perspective on my relationships. He has been kind and genuine and I feel fortunate we worked together". Thomas

''When I sought out Dan, I had some very personal, perplexing and frustrating challenges which I did not have the insight or resources to work through on my own. The safe space Dan created allowed me to explore my problems in depth and breadth and provide me with the options I needed to support me throughout my therapy journey. This work positively impacted and will continuously improve my relationships at the workplace, my family and my partner. I fully endorse Dan and his practice.'' C.M, 

''I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the group meeting on Friday night. You have created a safe and open environment and everyone seemed to respond with complete trust and joy in sharing. I haven't been in that sort of group with so broad a range of people, and it was really interesting to share such an important part of their / our lives around the important topic of 'The Dad' ''. K.L.

"Dan was able to create a non-judgmental environment that allowed me to be completely open and honest with myself. The sessions gave me perspective on how I view myself and relate with others. This shift in perspective highlighted areas where I could lay more robust foundations, or simply let go.

If you are thinking about working with Dan I strongly recommend that you give it a go, but understand that you must do the work outside the sessions for them to be effective"  M.Q.

"The first thing to say is that Dan is great! If you want to work on your relationship with a therapist choose Dan. He really is good at what be does. 

''As a couple we decided to engage and work with Dan to help us work through some of the challenges we were facing. Dan created a safe space for us to do this, no judgement, fear or anything other than a safe space. Dan has helped guide us through the tricky conversations and always listened, being kind, caring and understanding. Yet he also positively challenges, asks the hard questions and coaches us. These qualities and his patience and humility are what makes us both very happy to recommend other couples to work with Dan"  T.L.

Great therapist I felt heard and I really need that. Dan is very skilled in what he does and I think anyone who books a session is luckily to have him.

Wonderful listener, calm and a delight to talk to

Dan was a really attentive listener, seemed to understand my situation really quickly and it felt quite easy to open up to him. I would recommend him!

Dan is an empathetic listener and a reassuring voice.

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